Professional work

Selection of projects I've been working on since the start of my career. Majority of these are from the time I worked at Blur Studio, but there are also some recent projects from Blizzard. For most of my professional career I've been in the area of high end game cinematic's which are projects I enjoy the most, they are short and very dynamic but still high quality.

Star Wars The Old Republic Intro

Environment modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing

Intro for Star Wars The Old Republic was latest in series of Star Wars cinematic's Blur did for Lucasarts. In total we did 4 Star Wars cinematic's, I worked on TFU one as scene assembler finalizing a few shots, but this SW cinematic was first complex task. I worked on hangar model, which was probably one of the most complex model I build while at Blur. Scale of it was huge, and action areas were moving constantly so I had to uprez all the areas where character are fighting. In the end it took me around 6 weeks to model/texture and light complete environment. After that I was in charge of finishing around 25 shots in a timeframe of around 3-4 months. Overall it was amazing experience, one that I will surely remember from my time at Blur.

Lost Planet 3

Environment modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing

Icy environment was very challenging for Lost Planet 3 cinematic. There were a lot of refractive/reflective object and it was exterior which are always harder to do than interiors. As always I worked with team of very talented artists and it was very nice experience. Zbrush was used for sculpting a lot of objects, World Machine for some mountain geo and 3DS Max/V-Ray for rendering.

Knights Contract

Environment modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing

Knights Contract was first project where we decided to shift from Mentalray to V-Ray. I was in charge of modeling/texturing and lighting environment, which was great experience since V-Ray fully supported instancing and because of that I was able to create environment with millions of objects. This was also the first time we used true 3D motion blur, which was very expensive to do in Mentalray at the time. V-Ray showed its power, flexibility and speed on this project and we never looked back after it.


Environment modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing

For Brink I did environment where main character is running. Fun project as always, with some nice opportunities for experimentation with lighting and composition.


set dressing, lighting, compositing

Cinematic's we did for Firefall game. They wanted very dark mood and a lot of atmosphere which we delivered. We experimented with V-Ray fog, but I remember it was taking 1-2 hrs to render and get relatively clean fog.

DC Universe Online

set dressing, lighting, compositing

DCUO is one of those projects where I remember it because of the huge scale of environment. At the time we only had 12Gb of memory in our machines so it was really hard to render this thing with characters included, but even with huge memory consumption V-Ray was able to deliver final frames. I didn't do any environment work except some small remodeling and set dressing, but I got a few shots to light and finalize which was really fun. I tried to get all the shots where superman was since he is one of my favorite superhero characters. :)

True Crime

Environment modeling, texturing

True crime was relatively simple environment to model. I did exterior environment where Buddha statue is, and street where farmers market is. Unfortunately I had to go to vacation break so I didn't have opportunity to finish shots with my environment, which is what artists at Blur usually do.

Star Wars TFU

set dressing, lighting, compositing

On SW TFU I got a few shots to finish. Environment model was 90% done but we had to remodel some parts from shot to shot to better suit composition. This was one of my favorite Blur cinematic's.

Mass Effect 2 - Cinematic

set dressing, lighting, compositing

Small scale project but really fun. Environment was modeled by other guys and I was responsible for lighting and comping shots in one cinematic. Sky in this cinematic was experimental workflow where I used 3D tools in Fusion to reproduce sky in the back, which in the end worked surprisingly good. Everything was rendered in Mentalray, motion blur and dof were done in comp.

Dante's Inferno - Game Cinematic's

Environment modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing

Dante's inferno was relatively big projects where I worked on almost all environments except house interior and cave shots. As scene assembly lead I had more responsibility compared to previous project. Natural shots were particularly challenging since instancing was a big issue for Mentalray, so I had to use a lot of cards to fake grass, for example.

Wolverine origins - game cinematic's

Environment modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing

At the time I started working on Wolverine I became very accommodated with Blur pipeline and workflow. I got opportunity to work as a lead scene assembler on one cinematic where I made complete scene and comped most of the shots. Lighting and comping cinematic was also fun since it was interior and was very flexible in terms of lighting setup from shot to shot.

Fable 2 - Game Cinematic's

Environment modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing

Fable 2 was my second project at Blur and first one rendered with Mentalray. I was responsible for one complete cinematic where I modeled castle, assembled rest of the scenes in that cinematic and finally comped and created lighting for it.

Halo Wars - Game cinematic's

Environment modeling, texturing, lighting, compositing

Halo Wars was the first projects I worked on at Blur. It was a big learning experience since this was the first time I worked in highly productive environment. I did a lot of additional modeling for some environments, but I didn't do any complete environment like in projects after it. My tasks were scene assembly of shots, which meant remodeling, lighting and compositing shots.